I was born and lived for more than half of my life in Kazakhstan. When I was 16 I left my sweet home and went to Egypt to study in Cairo University. During my time there, I learned a lot, but my main lesson was to never give up and keep going despite any difficulties.

This motto helped me considerably during my 15+ Year career in corporate environments in Kazakhstan and UK. I worked for large organisations such as: Karachaganak, BG Group, Shell, BP and other companies. During my career I moved from operational roles to strategy, from internal consultancy and transformation to external consultancy in transformation and change. 

Helping others was always my passion and I was lucky to have very supportive mentors in my life.  I undertook some coaching myself a few years ago and it proved to be a life changing experience, since then I decided that I want to coach others as well and help them on their life changing journeys. 

I speak English and Russian and can comfortably work in both languages.  

I  have an MBA from the top school in the UK - Warwick Business School and have  Management Diploma. I am a Licenced Practitioner of the NLP and a member of the NLP society. I have been  trained by Richard Bandler.  I am a member of the  International Coaching Federation (ICF) and my Coaching programme is fully accredited.   I take my personal development very seriously and constantly invest time and money in developing  my skills.



During the change journey and in order to achieve transformation trust is required. I operate as a Trusted Advisor to all my clients. 


Trust will not happen when we are not open and do not say what is really important. Openness is important for me and you will get an honest answer every time. 


Transformational change is meant to be disruptive and challenging as we are questioning our status quo. Be prepared for challenge.  


I care a lot about what I do and what legacy I will  leave behind. I have strong  values and ethical principles. 


 Zhanel brought in a high level of focus on delivery. She asked the right probing questions, was resourceful and driven. Zhanel was able to quickly grasp the requirements and knew what she wanted to accomplish for the PMO. She has a wide variety of implementation scenarios in her background and had great ideas on how to achieve goals. Zhanel trained the new team in Bangalore Shell ITHub on leadership, results of which were seen almost instantly.  Her expertise has helped augment the PMO value and services taking it closer to the World Class PMO goal. 

Senior PMO Manager